Saturday, March 28, 2009

Changes at USS Arizona Memorial

Construction on a new visitor center is underway at the USS Arizona Memorial. There were concerns about the impact of noise from pile drivers, but according to an article in today's Honolulu Advertiser, the first day went smoothly.

The article also says:

Beginning next week — possibly Wednesday — tickets for the Arizona Memorial documentary film and boat launch will be distributed at the adjacent Bowfin submarine park, where a lot of visitors now have to park with the visitor center construction going on, especially when the site is busiest during the morning.

"We don't want people to park there, drop their bag off, come over here, get their ticket and find out it's going to be three to four hours before they see the documentary film," DePrey said.

By checking in at the Bowfin, visitors can better divide their time between the museums and memorials in the area, officials said.

This is a great change! The Bowfin park has a lot to do and see, whereas the visitor center has limited exhibits and is always extremely crowded.

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