479 BCE

Battle at Salamis

The Greeks had recently found silver mines and under the Greek admiral Themistocles, used the new found wealth to build warships

    Thanks to this, by the beginning of the war the Greeks possessed 200 ships

At the battle at Salamis Themistocles greatly outsmarted Xerxes' fleet commanders

To stop army he made a wooden wall of ships at the isthmus

Xerxes found Athens empty and burned it to the ground

Themistocles sent a servant to tell Xerxes she was a traitor, and relay that:

    There was a Greek escape at dawn and that Xerxes should send his main fleet across the Bay to catch them

Following this advice, the Persians entered the Bay at a bad angle and got jammed together, making it impossible to fight back well

The outcome was a Greek victory, with the Persian fleet almost completely destroyed